Jimi Vincent

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Mansfield Ohio Music Hall Of Fame

Born James Vincent Smith, Jimi Vincent adopted the new configuration of his birth name to avoid confusion with organist Jimmy Smith.  Son of the late James Paul Smith, Vincent spent several years playing in his father's locally acclaimed country style band at a very young age.  Vincent's father would scold him for putting blues licks in the country songs of the day.

Jimi Vincent and Stallion was born in 1989.  In 1996 Vincent hooked up with Country Music Hall of Fame member Jack Clement.  Jack was the engineer at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis Tennessee and produced albums for Johnny Cash, Charlie Pride and U2's "Rattle and Hum."  The band's first album, "Horseplay" was recorded at Clement's Nashville studio.

In 2002 Vincent dropped "Stallion" from the name of the band.  The country leanings were gone and the band was playing high energy blues/rock.  Thus The Jimi Vincent Band was on their way to touring blues festivals across the midwest.  Sam Romagnoli was added to the line-up with the Hammond B-3 and piano along with Bob Dutton playing bass and Dustin Smith on drums.

The Jimi Vincent Band was chosen three times to perform at the International Blues Competition held in Memphis, Tennessee.  Two of the gigs were at B.B. King's blues club and one at The Daisy Theater.  The weeks in Memphis always included jam sessions at the Rum and Boogie on Beale Street and Vincent would tear the roof off the place.

The Jimi Vincent Band opened for many major blues and rock acts and was featured in "King Biscuit Time" blues magazine. According to Bruce Iglauer, owner of Alligator Records, "...a classy guitarist and the band is tight."  Alligator Records is one of the premier blues record labels.

JVB recorded their album "Been There, Done That...Won't Do That Again" and received both local and international airplay on blues radio stations as far away as Russia and Australia.  It included Vincent's original songs and blues covers.

2012 was a year of change for the band.  Steve Calabria from the band "Stick People" took over the bass position and Mike Cosentino, a veteran of many bands from the Mansfield area, became the keyboard player.  The band was the first place winner in the 2012 The Columbus Music Awards, Jazz and Blues Category.

Vincent is currently writing music for a new album and preparing for the next summer blues season.  Jimi Vincent can be contacted at www.thejimivincentband.com